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On the importance of ‘making’

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Recently I was at a windowmakersshop because I needed a fence for a stairwell. It always takes some getting used to dealing with skillful craftspeople. If anything goes, you have to contemplate well about what it is you really want. And how nice that these professionals then actually are so skilled. And patient. Because they know that this one solution should be the ultimate one (for you) (because that’s what they know for sure). It is then quite useful to be able to think in terms of what can be made and what you exactly want yourself -and what is feasible (-but that will be a separate blog post). (more…)


Spoorzone Tilburg, former Van Gend&Loos industrial zone

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VGLWhat will happen with the former industrial zone of Van Gend&Loos in the heart of Tilburg’s city centre? Three scenarios for urban development are being explored. For the scenario of ‘temporality’ Who cares? together with Corline van Es designed a series of exploratory steps for two working sessions with an “expert-group” -a varied group of experience experts in the area of temporal urban development- to map out the potential of this scenario. The outcomes of these sessions will result in an inspirational guide for the municipality of Tilburg to elaborate on the possibilities of developing this particular piece of public space in Tilburg in this way. The campagne to start collecting ideas for this ‘citypark’ has been initiated by now


Digital Cities Agenda – Cocreating OUR CITY

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collage-DSAThe Digital Cities Agenda (DSA) was initiated to foster knowledge and practice sharing amongst Dutch cities about what works and doesn’t when interacting online/digitally. This particular session(Dutch), organized by the DSA and Corline van Es, was aimed at finding out based on what means (offline&online) well weighed communication/policy decisions can be made. Specifically based on (zooming in on) the needs of different people involved. Who cares? co-designed and facilitated a process that, in a designerly way, tried to identify proper ways of addressing and involving people (internal and external) effectively in public initiatives. Focussing not so much on solutions as well as coming up with the right questions and using knowledge and information effectively to help map out potential approaches.


Five Skills Designers Have That Global Development Needs

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Jane Fulton Suri: What nature can teach us about design.

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In this TedX presentation Jane Fulton-Suri (Managing Partner and Creative Director at IDEO) inspires to be open, curious and look carefully at the world around us. She shows how nature can teach us to design for human needs and desires in more innovative, useful and meaningful ways.


design thinking for social innovation

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Read the article here


Who cares? ♥ SINN

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Click on the image to see the flyer (NL) or look here to see when to join in for the next Meet Up of Social Innovation Network NL! For more information also look at


See how we’re doing

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Apps for Democracy

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During an event in the Statenhal in Den Haag, organised by the House of Parliament, the Open State Foundation and Netwerk Democratie, Parliamentary  data sets were offered to invited makers and thinkers to develop apps that explore the possibilities of a more transparant parliament by rendering those data usefull for society. Who cares developed a set of icons visualising what open government data could mean in practice and set the stage of the day elaborating on the logo developed by Topika. (photos top: Anne Beentjes)


Datajournalism Lab

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Qlikview delivers data exploration software. During a hackathon organised by Hack de Overheid Qlikview shared their software in a Datajournalism Lab with the participating hackers and journalists that day to explore the datasets that were offered by other partnering organisations in the Hackathon. The Lab also consisted in a Teletekst like twitterwall sharing findings and other (non)related  topics of the people that were using the software in the Lab. There was also a scoop alert to share data scoops enabling participants to collaborate and increase the quality of the findings. Who cares? developed and designed the Lab in collaboration with Heinze Havinga.