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Who cares? ♥ SINN

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Click on the image to see the flyer (NL) or look here to see when to join in for the next Meet Up of Social Innovation Network NL! For more information also look at


Yes and, no because: Deliberative discourse

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Social entrepreneurship receives legislative support in U.K.

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Transmedia storytelling

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Recently I attended a conference called Wireless Stories, New Media in Public Space.
What realy intrigued me, while listening to the speakers that day, was that the approach of this new paradigm in mediated storytelling is actually quite parallel to event design. Because in telling stories across different media it’s just as much about how people are invited, and allow themselves, to be in the moment, strengthened by the imagination invested in the way the “story” is composed. It’s all about thinking creatively about digital storytelling and using cutting-edge tools to visualize, map and create narratives that inspire action.
It made me realize that this is what organizations increasingly will have to deal with in the future,


Chaise Directeur Jean Prouvé

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As if it’s in the air I recently stumbled upon the news that Dutch jeans brand G Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra joined hands in launching an authorized reedition of Prouvé’s Chaise Directeur. I learned to appreciate  the work of Jean Prouvé some years ago while being an interior designer. This metalsmith-engineer-designer-maker, who even made it into mayor of Nancy, was one of the enigmatic forefathers of the Modernist movement and of design as we know it today.(Photo:MoMa)



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Sometimes something grabs you, in my case this often happens because of a love for architecture. This stroke of genious that I recently passed by is the VitraHaus for yes, famous Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, built by Swiss architects Herzog&de Meuron. Located next to Vitra’s production (assembly) plant in Weil am Rhein (DE).  It intrigues for many reasons,


Social Innovation Safari

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During the Social Innovation Safari organized by Kennisland/ Knowledgeland (KL) multidisciplinary teams worked on a variety of cases by different private and public organisations in the Amsterdam area. One of those cases and the outcomes is highlighted below.

Ijburg, being one of Amsterdam’s recently developed areas experienced a bumpy expansion. The administration of the area is quite complex, different private and public bodies being stakeholders, and also the community is shaped by a bright collage of commuters, young families, elderly, teenagers, immigrants, tourists and business and social, private and public housing. Over the years this lead to several complexities, like:
– an increase in so called ‘mallification’ and decrease in small shops
– fragmented social cohesion
– a shortage of public provisions (because of a delay in the development of Ijburg due to economic circumstances)
– feelings of unsafety

The Safari team dealing with this case decided, after extensive fieldwork and interviews (more…)