Transmedia storytelling

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Recently I attended a conference called Wireless Stories, New Media in Public Space.
What realy intrigued me, while listening to the speakers that day, was that the approach of this new paradigm in mediated storytelling is actually quite parallel to event design. Because in telling stories across different media it’s just as much about how people are invited, and allow themselves, to be in the moment, strengthened by the imagination invested in the way the “story” is composed. It’s all about┬áthinking creatively about digital storytelling and using cutting-edge tools to visualize, map and create narratives that inspire action.
It made me realize that this is what organizations increasingly will have to deal with in the future,
in engaging and activating people to interact with them on- and offline. It increases the never-ending challenge of having a consistent organisational/brand personality on every level.
I personally think this will offer enormous opportunities for creative strategic thinking in operating for- and communicating with an audience and that it will be key in standing out and remaining succesful for organizations.