With the ever increasing role of technology in society also the role of design is changing. The internet connected people and changes the way society takes shape on a daily basis. Everything around us has been designed from product to service to system. More and more these elements are being created dynamically and by collective intelligence, in a collaborative manner. In this process the role of designthinking is increasingly being acknowledged as part of the glue that is able to connect the different elements towards a unified outcome. Being innately aware about the robust nature of potential solutions, its’ holistic, systemic approach sets out to involve anyone and anything needing to be involved in shaping an outcome collaboratively. The design process can provide for the thinking, tools and techniques that are needed to guide the process, not as an end, but as a means to an end. While interacting with all stakeholders during the process it provides for a transfer of necessary information. And by continuously testing insights a view unfolds on pre-conditions of a potential solution, a strong sense of ownership of outcomes by all participants being one of its’ main goals.

Who cares? provides for this process and helps to combine thinking and doing by thorough analysis and a strategic sense of purpose. An optimal outcome can only be achieved when collaborating (page soon to follow).