Who cares? was founded by Mylene Jonker.
 Being a systemsthinker with a degree in product design and design management she applies design for (working on and communicating about) public and private matters.
Design for her is foremost about people. And about exchanging the most relevant information and acting upon it in such a way that it enables things to work well. Especially the things that contribute to making things work better in this world make Mylene go an extra mile.

Design (thinking) to her is a collaborative, people-centered, analytical but also hands-on way of working towards a solution. It starts with identifying the bigger picture around a question and mapping out the context. By setting out to involve, from the start, all the people that are (or should be) part of the process through participatory research and co-design it facilitates a dialogue that gives way to collective intelligence and ownership. By idea generation and trying things out it helps to find out what works well and what doesn’t. Aiming to find real solutions for real situations.
Communicating visually in this process is essential for it helps to provide insight in a (complex) situation, facilitates conversation and gives way to creative capabilities.

Good things come from being truly involved with your environment. And from being curious about the world you live in. From there developing creative, sustainable and custom design solutions for specific questions of problems comes naturally.