Who cares? aims for the development (design) of what is needed (often different from what is asked for). It believes design is an approach that works well in finding solutions for complex (social) (systems) issues. It’s an opportunity to optimize. Communicating visually is essential because it provides for insight in the complexity of thinking and doing, facilitates (visual) dialogue and triggers creative problem solving capabilities.
Who cares? provides the process-tools and -thinking that is needed for collective and inclusive dialogue-based ways of  thinking and doing. Close to people and what makes them tick and close to what works.

If you are interested in activating and optimizing (collective) energy and knowledge, drop a note and let’s explore what this way of working could do for you.

Being a multidisciplinairy design agency Who cares? also often designs event-based (spatial) representations of organisations and brands. Events being an important opportunity for organisations to exchange with networks. The design aims to create maximum leverage with targetgroups and activates them to contribute. Tools and techniques that moderate outcomes are an indispensable part of this dialogue. Print, audio-visual and interaction design can be applied to enhance the dialogue.

Have a look at the work Who cares? does, or just wander through inspirations.