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Chaise Directeur Jean Prouvé

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As if it’s in the air I recently stumbled upon the news that Dutch jeans brand G Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra joined hands in launching an authorized reedition of Prouvé’s Chaise Directeur. I learned to appreciate  the work of Jean Prouvé some years ago while being an interior designer. This metalsmith-engineer-designer-maker, who even made it into mayor of Nancy, was one of the enigmatic forefathers of the Modernist movement and of design as we know it today.(Photo:MoMa)



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Sometimes something grabs you, in my case this often happens because of a love for architecture. This stroke of genious that I recently passed by is the VitraHaus for yes, famous Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, built by Swiss architects Herzog&de Meuron. Located next to Vitra’s production (assembly) plant in Weil am Rhein (DE).  It intrigues for many reasons,


OO Magazine

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In the framework of the development of the neighbourhood around the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam, The Beach organised an event and published a magazine ‘O’ to advocate and promote the local cultural rhizomes of this area and its potential within cityplanning. Who cares? was asked to come up with some ideas to physically link all the different activities that were part of the publication and the area during the launch of the magazine.