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On Open Space and design thinking

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During an Open Space session initiated by The Learning Lab l was invited to participate as space holder/facilitator. Open Space Technology in short is a way of organizing self-managed meetings. It took place at a school in Roosendaal (NL) which is about to face a huge reorganization. Commitment to change/innovation was high.

All stakeholders of the school (teachers, students, parents, local government, companies) participated in the session which was meant to generate the ‘collective intelligence’ of the group, thereby offering a wide scope at possible innovative solutions for the school and all its stakeholders for a new future.
What made it extra challenging (more…)


Kennis economie Monitor

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About every  four years Kennisland releases a publication devoted to the state of the knowledge economy, the Kennis Economie Monitor (download here, in Dutch). In 2010 it reveals the 5 most urgent topics/opposites Holland has to deal with for the coming years:


Innovatie Impuls Onderwijs

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(Innovation Impulse Education) In order to reassure a future flow of educational talent for primary and secondary schools, 44 schools came up with innovative ideas to boost talent and take a chance at winning the prize money to make their idea happen. 7 Winning ideas were rewarded during the awardshow organised at the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. The setting for the event designed by Who cares? and based on the visual identity, was made to also be reused for other events of IIO.


KL Studio

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For this event organised by  Kennisland, Who cares? turned the venue (Studio K, Amsterdam) into a Knowledgeland.


Digitale Pioniers

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Digitale Pioniers is a platform that enables digital pioneers to set-up and promote innovative socially engaging online projects. For one of their brainstorm meetings Who cares? came up with some analog visual tools to inspire the output. (photography by Paul Keller/ Mylene Jonker)