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Transmedia storytelling

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Recently I attended a conference called Wireless Stories, New Media in Public Space.
What realy intrigued me, while listening to the speakers that day, was that the approach of this new paradigm in mediated storytelling is actually quite parallel to event design. Because in telling stories across different media it’s just as much about how people are invited, and allow themselves, to be in the moment, strengthened by the imagination invested in the way the “story” is composed. It’s all about thinking creatively about digital storytelling and using cutting-edge tools to visualize, map and create narratives that inspire action.
It made me realize that this is what organizations increasingly will have to deal with in the future,


Make Love Not Art

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For the kick-off meeting of a new funding and knowledge program aimed at innovative cultural productions (MLNA/OBSERVATORIUM) Who cares? designed a few spatial installations based on the visual identity (by Mediamatic), to support communicating the intentions of the program. The installations were partially connecting to the RFID fueled community system of the website. All elements were designed for re-use for meetings in the framework of MLNA/OBSERVATORIUM.


Business Model Innovation Cultural Heritage

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For a seminar on business model innovation for cultural heritage (BMICE), aimed at organisations dealing with cultural heritage, Kennisland asked Who cares? to come up with some visual translations of the discussions/output of preceeding expert sessions. It proved to inspire even more output when people started writing on the tablecovers printed for the occasion.


Digitale Pioniers

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Digitale Pioniers is a platform that enables digital pioneers to set-up and promote innovative socially engaging online projects. For one of their brainstorm meetings Who cares? came up with some analog visual tools to inspire the output. (photography by Paul Keller/ Mylene Jonker)