Spoorzone Tilburg, former Van Gend&Loos industrial zone

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VGLWhat will happen with the former industrial zone of Van Gend&Loos in the heart of Tilburg’s city centre? Three scenarios for urban development are being explored. For the scenario of ‘temporality’ Who cares? together with Corline van Es designed a series of exploratory steps for two working sessions with an “expert-group” -a varied group of experience experts in the area of temporal urban development- to map out the potential of this scenario. The outcomes of these sessions will result in an inspirational guide for the municipality of Tilburg to elaborate on the possibilities of developing this particular piece of public space in Tilburg in this way. The campagne to start collecting ideas for this ‘citypark’ has been initiated by now www.tilburgaanzet.nl


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    Spoorzone Tilburg, former Van Gend

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    Spoorzone Tilburg, former Van Gend&Loos industrial zone